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What Spenowr have to offer you?

Are you an Art lover and learner, who always wondered:

  • How to get your hands-on wide range of art craft products
  • How to know more about artist and art work, from their days of novice to pro level
  • How to learn more about art works, their history and future scopes

Then Spenowr is the answer, which can facilitate you with below features

  • Sign up or register for free
  • As a signed-up user you will have the access to all our contents which is not available for all
  • You can shop variety range of Indian and Western art craft works which you may have seen or not yet, we have almost 100k products of 500 categories. 
  • You can follow many artists of different artistic background and learn more about them through their posts in form of image and videos.
  • We have a reward program in which if you refer someone and after joining with your invitation, they purchase some art product then you will earn 50 reward points. You can redeem that everytime it reaches multiple of 500 and you will get gift voucher for e-commerce platform or direct cash also. 
  • Join Spenowr’s social media accounts to get more updates, watch more engaging artworks and learn more about them. Below are the social media accounts, which you should join to begin with

Terms & Conditions:

  • You can redeem your reward points as soon as it reaches multiple of 500. Redemption mode can be Gift vouchers of e-commerce platforms or can be direct cash to you.
  • Always give ratings and comments on the basis of your own experience.
  • Don’t use any word which is not applicable for online platforms
  • Don’t give false rating to an artist or art institute to mislead others

Anything out of our terms and conditions will lead you to temporary account blockage and repeating these for multiple times may result in deletion of your account permanently.


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