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How to add details in profile?

First thing you must do is adding details to your profile after logging in. A good & genuine profile attract much people to visit and follow your profile. Now follow process to add details to your profile

Now follow these to add your profile details:


On the “SIDE-BAR MENU” you will find options like, Personal profile, change password, organization/institute, photography, blogging etc. Choose the “Profile” option under organization/institute menu.









Edit Artist Profile:

Here you have to press the option written edit artist profile to add details to your profile.





Artist Profile Image:

Add a photo of yourself or organization/ institute photo by which people will recognize your profile or by which you want to get famous. 






Image Alt Text:

Here you can add a text which will be shown when someone touches or scrolls over your photo. As here we added the text ‘Shri Dee’. 



Artist Profile Name:

Here you can add the name of organization/institute or simple yourself, by which you want people to recognize the profile.



 Artist Profile Description:

Here you can add a small description about your work, by which people will recognize your profession.





Here you have to add, which kind of things you have expertise on your profession. As here photographer have expertise in still-life, marriage and event photography, that was chosen accordingly. 








Basic details:

Here fill with basic details like name of contact person (Whom to contact), contact email, country, state, city, street address of the organization, zip code, website( if you have), working hour( your availability at office or workplace).







 What is URL?

If you know how to copy an URL and paste it somewhere then you can skip this step otherwise follow to add your social account links. When you search something over any browser or search engine, you can see on the top of your display something written with (‘/’, ‘.’, ‘-‘ , ) this type of symbol. Touch that and all the text inside will be automatically get selected. Then copy that paste over here.


Add URL:

If you want to add your Facebook link by which people can visit your facebook profile then go to facebook page and copy the URL from the top bar and paste it on the field written ‘Facebook URL’. Same you can do for twitter, Instagram also. On the custom URL field you can add your own Spenowr account profile URL.









Here you can select whom you want to show your profile. As here this profile needs to be explored by people to get a professional growth, so visibility has been selected to ‘public’.



Now Select add option to add all the information, this will be successfully stored and will reflect in your account in no time.Now you have successfully added all details to your profile. 

Have a Nice Day!




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