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How to change password?

Changing password is a simple thing and includes 3 small steps, follow them as instructed below to change your password. First of all, choose the ‘CHANGE PASSWORD’ option from side bar menu to change your password and secure your account.








After clicking on ‘CHANGE PASSWORD’ from side bar menu, you will see this below form consisting of some options to change your password.










Let’s discuss each option briefly to make you understand how it works.

OLD PASSWORD: Here you have to enter the password which you have been using before and which one you want to change.

NEW PASSWORD: Here you have to enter the new password what you want to use after changing. 

CONFIRM PASSWORD: Here you have to enter the new password again, to ensure that you remember the new one perfectly.

Note: Don’t use password which contains your name, contact number or date of birth, always use a password what only you know or you can recognize. It’s recommended to use 6-8 characters or more which contains alphabets, numerals and special characters, which is a parameter for strong passwords.









 After entering all details, click on the ‘Update’ option to update the password for future use. After clicking on update button, you will get a dialogue box written “Your new password successfully changed, Thank you.” 








Now onwards you can use your new password , whenever you log in to Spenowr.

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