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How to add photo

First of all you must be a logged in user to add photos and to create albums. Then click on “MY PROFILE” option from the menu.

Step 1:


On the “SIDE-BAR MENU” you will find options like, Personal profile, change password, organization/institute, photography, blogging etc. Choose the photo album option under photography menu.

Step 2:


Inside photo albums page you will find an option “ADD ALBUM” under Gallery heading. Click and enter inside.










Step 3:

Inside add album option you will find options like Album name, album description, photo title, photo description, photo category, tag, location, visibility, image, image alt text and apply signature.

Follow the instructions to add photo flawlessly:


Add the name of event, occasion or a name for your album, what you want to display over your gallery.






Album Description:

Here you can fill the box with a short description about which type of photo you are going to add or the aspect of this album.







Photo Title:

In This field you can add the title of the photo or someone or two word name of what the photo is about.







Photo Description:

Here you can add a short description or caption to describe what message you are trying to exaggerate.







Photo Category:

As there are various types and styles of photography like: wild life, underwater, Fashion, event, Sand art & candid. By choosing a specific category you can get a targeted area of appreciation. 

      As in this case, this is a sand art image we are selecting Sand art option.









 Here you can add the person, places inside the image or even picture credit also. You can see below as the sand art was done by Sudarsan Pattnaik, here he is added.










Here you can add location to the photo, where the photo captured. As this image was taken at Puri, Odisha, the same is added over there.








Here you can add if you want to make the photo private (which only you can see) or public (where everyone on Spenowr can see). In this case as we want everyone who comes to Spenowr must see.






Here you can add the image which you want to upload, but be a bit careful to keep the image size to 20mb maximum.






Image Alt Text:

Here you can add some quick message, which will show whenever someone touch the image, you can add that here. In this case we want whosever touch the image must see the message “Happy New Year 2020”, so we added the same here.



Apply Signature:

Here you can add your name or organisation name or whichever watermark you want to show on any corner of the image.

To know the process to create your signature please go through below link: 





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