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Spenowr is an Art, Craft focused social platform that allows Individuals artists, institutes and Business etc. to get connected, Find, Market, Collaborate and do business. Spenowr facilitates artists, art craft related businesses with resources, features to showcase their portfolio and also committed to promote their talent & products throughout the world.

Spenowr’s vision is to have the largest artist network throughout the world, with initial focus on India & USA and later extend it to other parts of the world. Objective is to facilitate collaboration between artists, trainers, businesses, art lovers and also possibly enable them to promote their talent and business.

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Empowering Artists & Art Craft Industry


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Spenowr has a great collection of artists with skills in Art, Craft, Dance, Music, Photography etc. and each of them are kind of best in their specialty area. Below are some of the featured artists which got great talent and artwork. Please explore and appreciate these creative people!

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